A lawn can be the crowning glory of a property and therefore a brand new lawn can transform your garden.
We have been laying lawns since 1966, so have a wealth of experience in how to obtain the best results for a long lasting lawn.
Sadly in recent years, some companies have started cutting corners when laying turf in order to reduce prices, but this is a false economy for you the client. By not following the proper methods you could end up with dips in your lawn, weeds growing through, dying patches, or when it has been laid at an inappropriate time you could have shrinkage, yellowing or large water bills.
Turf will quickly establish on soil that is warm and moist – autumn is perfect as new turf will also be regularly watered by winter rain. Turf can also be laid any time of the year, but avoid this time of year if you live in a dry area that could be hit by a hosepipe ban, as new turf needs frequent watering to prevent grasses from being put under stress.
All our clients with newly laid lawns will receive an aftercare advice sheet.
See our gallery below for examples of our turfing work.