Domestic Maintenance

With over 45 years of horticultural experience, we are able to offer a first class garden and grounds maintenance service. We have a reputation of being one of the best maintenance contractors in the South East covering Essex, Suffolk and into London.
We look after in excess of 130 gardens a week at least 50 weeks a year, including courtyard and roof gardens, suburban family homes and country estates. We take a pride in your garden whatever the size and are consistent about our finish.
Our Garden Maintenance includes all work to the lawns including fertilizer and weed spraying. Also included is the feeding of your roses and shrubs as well as spraying for aphids, insects and diseases. We even plant extra shrubs and annuals with a charge purely for the plants and compost.
You can rely on us to attend your garden every week whatever the weather and you will have no worries about maintaining your own garden equipment.
We provide maintenance all year round for several reasons. Firstly, in Autumn the leaves are constantly falling until at least Christmas and if left to lie on your lawn they will ruin your grass. Depending on the weather your grass hardly seems to stop growing through winter these days and the weeds are constantly appearing! There is also a lot of pruning, hedge cutting and tidying work to be done through winter in order to ensure your garden bursts forth in spring. We therefore feel the only way to care for a garden properly is to attend to it all year round. To provide this service we take the whole year’s work necessary for the garden, evaluate it and divide it into the same monthly charge all year. This allows you to have a monthly budget for your garden.
In these days of environmental awareness you can rest assured your rubbish is being disposed of correctly. Of course it is even better if you have the room in your garden to let us build you a compost area, allowing us to recycle what we can back into your garden to improve its quality.
To get a quotation for our comprehensive maintenance service please give us a call.