Garden Services


Crowther Landscapes are happy to quote you for any one-off work you need done in your garden including:

  • Garden Tidy: we can give your garden a thorough tidy that involves working through the borders removing weeds and unwanted plants, cutting back and pruning shrubs, spraying pernicious weeds, tidying up pots and tubs, trimming back hedging and overhanging shrubs, cutting and edging your lawn, and all rubbish removed from your garden.
  • Seasonal Fruit Tree Pruning: pruning fruit trees at the right time of year is essential to keeping plants productive.
  • Hedge-cutting: we can carry out annual cuts to hedges on your property.
  • One-off planting projects: we can plant a tree or large shrub that you’ve bought. If you’ve had a designer create a garden planting plan for you we can make it a reality, or if you would like us to design one for you, we can source, supply and plant a new border or bed. Or perhaps you need your garden to look colourful for a special occasion, we can use summer or winter bedding to brighten up your pots and borders.